O R Tambo International Airport/ Johannesburg International Airport

The OR Tambo Airport otherwise called OR Tambo International Airport is an international airport located in Kempton Park in Gauteng which is close to Johannesburg which is the hub of most domestic and international flights and about 28 million travellers fly from here. The OR Tambo Airport is also the hub for South African Airways which is South Africa’s largest airline, serving both international and domestic routes.
OR Tambo airport was not generally named this and before was known as the Johannesburg International Airport and before this it was known as the Jan Smuts International Airport. The name was first changed in 1994 after the new South African Government came into being and in 2006 it was renamed again as OR Tambo in honour of the former President of the African National Congress.
The OR Tambo airport is delegated as hot and high air terminal which implies that due to where it is located the air is thin as its 1700 meters above ocean level. The impact this has on the planes is that the airplane’s have to decrease their weight by having less fuel. Additionally the runways are longer as a result of the air being thin.
The Airport has 2 runways which measure at 3400 and 4400 meters. The last is one of the longest runways in the world. There are an aggregate of 6 terminals at Johannesburg Airport which are categorised as International, Domestic or Transit. Kiosks can be found in both the domestic and international air terminals. Johannesburg Airport has 5 domestic lounges and 9 international lounges for visitors to relax and enjoy away from the rush of the airport.
More than 140 retail stores which are open from 6 am in the morning until 10pm in the evening. These times additionally apply to banks, bureau of change, cleaners, drug store and the spa. In addition are the duty free stores which stock items that are solely accessible just at Johannesburg Airport. Johannesburg Airport likewise houses a travel medical clinic which is open 24 hours per day with full medical staff.
There is a lot of paid parking at the airport which can be paid in cash or with debit/credit cards. Parking zones were additionally incorporated into the renovation of the airport and now incorporates technology which Johannesburg Airport enables guests to effectively spot accessible spaces.
There are 3 transport choices with regards to leaving the airport. There is a rail choice of utilizing the Gautrain framework to get from the airport to Sandton. From there the Gautrain additionally has different stops within Johannesburg. Public buses are accessible at the airport in the morning and evening hours for influx of travellers at these hours. Private buses are also available from the airport. The third choice is to lease a car which can be booked directly at the airport too.